Mohammad Shihab Uddin- I took 2 workshops from `Virtual Animators` about Character Design and Visual Development BY `James Lopez` and `Sean Sullivan`.... and found that how they think about this stuff with sooo carefully and even they look every detail and analyze the shape, form, color harmony everything!!!!!......no way to get lazy!!!...no way to skip any single terms!!!.....oh..that is how these Professional feature film artists work!!!!! ..By the way, I feel happy when they say my name `Mohammad` and my country `Bangladesh!

I am so glad and happy that Sean Sullivan ( The Background artists and teacher from Disney, Don Bluth films, Film credits include Pocahontas, Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear and many more) has appreciated my works and backgrounds a lot. He gave very good critics and overall, he was so surprised to see my work and variety of style. Thank you Virtual Animators for giving this opportunities to get connect with the professionals in this industry!!! (April 25th 2014)

Personally , I would like to say that this workshop has opened my eyes in so many cases. I have learned so many things from James Lopez and it’s a great opportunity to learn and see his view and teaching about `Character Design.’ This workshop like- tonic` for me to understand where I need to pay attention or not and which area I should look more carefully.

Thank you Virtual Animatiors for giving me this opportunity to learn from professional artists in this area.


Mohammad Shihab Uddin.April 25th 2014






Andrew Sharp - I saw Virtual Animator's Lecture on traditional animation with Luis Manuel Villarreal last night. I do not speak the language but his demo was amazing. I learnt a lot in the 1 hour lecture. Virtual Animators thank you for putting together such a great show I am also enrolled in Sean Sullivan's concept class it is super! Learning lots.

I wanted to thank the whole gang there for putting together such a great class with Sean Sullivan. I got an animation job last month so was not able to attend every night. But I did my homework:) and watched the recordings. Thank you guys and gals! -Andrew Sharp




Eva Broosky  - "It's so precious to find the possibility to work with such a great person like James and this possibility must be tapped in the best way! :D Shorter program obviously than a normal one at the academy, but more concentrated and with strong directions." :)

 CJ Signorino - "I am really grateful for everything I learned from James. He showed me how to draw characters in ways I've never known. For several years, I'd been doing it the hard way, even when I was making my homemade greeting cards. Well, now that I've learned the basics, I can put them to good use! Thanks again!"

James Lopez -"I've been teaching these classes for quite a few weeks now and it feels so rewarding to be a part of this program! Thanks to Virtual Animators!"

Nelson Luty -GREAT!!!!!!

Jon Baldwin - "Thank you Virtual Animators for setting up the online lecture with Scott T. Peterson! It was great getting to pick his brain and find what he feels separates TV animators from Cinema animators, and more! Amazing examples of life drawings mixed with imagination and cartoon-like personality. You never know what kind of characters you'll spot walking down the street!"